30-in-30, Day 11… Getting Closer…

Someone, just not quite Rose.
Someone, just not quite Rose.

I read somewhere that, in portrait painting, the difference between achieving a likeness and not-a-likeness is in millimeters. Today, working on a head only 2″ tall, I would say it is fractions of millimeters.

I got her to 90%, lost her, then found her again. It’s still not her, but if I ignore the photo and only look at the portrait, I do see her. There is a little soft impishness my portrait doesn’t capture. And I’m thinking the nose is just a hair too long.

(Examining it in Photoshop, side by side with photo: I am looking for what needs work. Historically I have drawing
issues with chins and noses, and that far edge of the face. Thank you, Photoshop. You’re a very nice tool to have.)

So, moving along. Everything will be revisited. It’s a cycle, round and round, until things look “right” or I give up, or get bored and wander away. I lightened the rocks a little and added a few leaves. Still to do: her arms and bag and stuff around her neck, more background, and pops of sunlight.

I was beginning to have hope I would see this done in two weeks–maybe I’ll still come close. But, as Steve likes to say, “It’s that last 10% that takes 90% of the time.”

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