30-in-30, Day 16… Daylight

Tons still to do (and why I can't fathom painting one painting a day).
Tons still to do (and why I can’t fathom painting one painting a day).

For four days I wasn’t home during key parts of the day. I don’t like to paint at night, my lighting isn’t ideal. In the morning I find the colors don’t fit.

Today I worked a little on her body, the poles, and the greenery. Have I mentioned I hate leaves? I am afraid of landscape in general because of The Green. The vines on the left are closer to acceptable, the ones on the right are a moosh. Just need to land on something quasi-believable. After I figure out what the heck I’m doing, I’ll move on to the light on her arms, hands, shirt, books, hat, bag, sunglasses (what sunglasses, you ask?), fence and ground in back.

Her pants are ok, portrait ok, hills ok, and maybe the wall is ok. So I can settle eventually.

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