30-in-30, Day 2… Drawing

You’re right, there is no Day 1. I got home yesterday about 4:00, and I thought I would just sashay in and start paintin’ in the evening, but it just didn’t appeal. I had to do some hard thinking about what I really would like to accomplish if I were to paint every day this month. Compared to last time, I am ambivalent about my theme and way underprepared.

So, Self, what do we want to accomplish? I decided I do want to meet the challenge of painting every day. Most people elect to start and finish one small painting daily, but I don’t have the neurons for that. I do have (1) unfinished paintings, and (2) at least three more Israel paintings I’d like to start. I will do what appeals, for as long as it appeals, on each day. Maybe I’ll finish something. I’d really like that.

Rose, at Yad Hashamon, Israel, our first day there, Sept '14.
Rose, at Yad Hashamon, Israel, our first day there, Sept ’14.

Here is what I did today. This is Rose.

I can get the initial idea onto the canvas freehand, but this time I used a grid. I spent a lot of time in Photoshop tweaking the photo with the changes I’m making, and I didn’t feel like positioning her wrong after all that. I used a fairly large grid and drew with the brush, got it this far, and now I’ll abandon the grid altogether.

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