30-in-30, Day 24… Still Stuck

9/18. I sat down to figure out just what the heck was wrong with the leaves. It was a case of “you sees what you want to see.” I saw green. Green is bright. Put bright color on darker background so we can see green better.

Uhhhh. No.

I am noticing lately things about bright sunlight. Those near-white highlights show up because the dark colors next to them are darker than 50%. It finally dawned that the leaves are a lot darker then I painted them. The hill in the back is lighter.

It’s all about (eventual) observation.

9/24. It is six days later and I’ve painted all but one of those days, so I’m on track for the challenge (some a little, some a lot). Those leaves are STILL whipping my butt. I’m on about the 8th iteration. I cannot get them to my satisfaction. When I don’t know what to do, I throw all the colors at it, and this makes it worse. I’ve looked hard at the photo and there are three basic colors, so what is my problem???

I’d hate for this reasonable likeness to go to waste because I can’t paint grape vines.


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