30-in-30, Day 3… First Color Layer

Rose, thin block-in
Rose, thin block-in

Yay! A thin, dirty block-in.

Translation for my non-arty family: the block-in is the first layer of color and a time to refine my drawing and define shapes. It’s also called an underpainting. Clearly I didn’t slow down and worry about color or lighting at all. I must not overthink at this stage (that comes later, which is partly why my paintings never die!). The thicker paint will go on top, and I’ll leave areas of the block-in showing. Block-ins are probably my favorite part of painting, actually, because the strokes are all messy and interesting, and I like that a lot. It should hook me at this stage.

(I know it’s “got the uglies” right now, but paintings go up and down through the whole  process. I try not to judge too early.)

I’ve had to be careful that I don’t inadvertently add 20 lbs to this woman. Rose is pure athlete. She was usually first at the top of every mountain that we hiked, and we hiked a few.

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