30-in-30, Day 30 plus 2… 99.9%

Rose in Israel
Rose in Israel

Well, I’m calling it—the September Challenge to paint every day was a success. I painted around 23 out of 30 days, and that’s good enough for me. The best part is that I’ve “finished” a painting that did not exist before Sept. 1.

The painting is a little warmer than this photo, especially in the stones. Maybe I’ll try correcting it again tomorrow, in the daytime!

I will put this painting away for a couple of weeks, hidden from view. The idea is that I will forget our travails together and, the next time I see it, my eye should go right to what it needs. I’ll do a little tweaking, probably, and then I’ll initial it. Three days later I’ll seal it, and email Rose to ask her for her address. 🙂

I have sorted through a big box of painting notes, bits and pieces, and actual starts. After I get some business work done, I’ll decide what to do next.


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