6-in-30 Challenge: Chris 1.0

Painting #1, Christine and Kippikat, drawing.
Painting #1, Christine and Kippikat, drawing.

Howdy! Day 1 of the 2016 LSWorland 6-in-30 Challenge–thought I’d only do five, originally, but I’ve optimistically added one. I’ve prepared a bunch of photos to choose from, and we’ll see what strikes my fancy at the moment of choosing. I cropped them to a doable size in Photoshop and added a few vertical/horizontal guides in the face area to assist with initial drawing. I got used to painting from the computer, so I don’t bother to print out the references; color is all relative anyway.

Let’s see what I can get done¬†with¬†five days per painting. I’m planning to paint every day, God willing, and I think I’ll post the pictures first day, third day, and fifth day for each of the six. No telling how close to “done” I’ll ever get, but they may be nice even as sketches. (Or not …(!))


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