6-in-30 Challenge: Chris & Kippy

Chris & Kippy, Acrylic, 6x6
Chris & Kippy, Acrylic, 6×6

Hooray! I’m just under the wire on Day 5 for the first painting in my 6-in-30. I didn’t get here to post a middle picture…I lost a day and was behind.

I am pleased enough for the first painting. It looks like Chris to me. I’m sure I will find tweaking to do when all is over. The marvel of marvels, though, is I did it in five days! I shouldn’t be so shocked, really, I took a portrait class 2 or 3 years ago, and, when pushed, I could get one off the ground in three hours. Not finished, but half way there. On the other hand, as Steve loves to say, and I’ve said before–the last 10% takes 90% of the time.

I’ve chosen my subject for #2. I’ll bring the drawing around tomorrow-ish. Any guesses who shall be next, family?

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