6-in-30 Challenge: Nephew in a Tie

Nephew in a Tie, 6x6, Acrylic
Nephew in a Tie, 5×7, Acrylic

Well, here we are, the last day for this one. I only made time to paint three of the five days, and it looks like that’s the way it will probably go for the remainder. Steve doesn’t think I need to work this month, but I beg to differ.

Still, got it most of the way there.

The tie gave me the most grief. I did it twi… thr… four times. I scrubbed it off after #2 and waited a couple hours before I did it again. I’m trying to paint more broadly, but I think I was in too big a hurry by that point. Not enthralled.

I’m finishing in the evening, and correcting and posting photos at night is not ideal. I apologize for the fuzzy.

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