Sept’16 Paint 30 Days, Day 13 & 14

Cast offs, 6x8
Cast offs, 6×8

I did paint on Day 13, taking my third shot at my painting of Dad, and I made the same dark painting for the third day in a row. I finished the day rather bummed with painting altogether. By then I had obscured my good drawing. As much as I enjoy portraits, if I get away for any length of time, I totally forget what I’m doing.

So, for Day 14 I switched gears. I have a small collection of cast off pots, most likely made by ceramics students. I find them for $2 or $3 at places like Salvation Army, and I like to give them homes. I look for the initials on the bottom–the tall one is by CB, and the short is by JC ’72.

I had mentioned a few days ago that I need to work on drapery, which is apparent. I’m also thinking this red is a little too much. I think I ought to set up another drapery practice piece, and maybe find a youtube or something to watch. I do like that I was able to create some space around the pots.

I am enjoying using this challenge for studies like this.

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