Sept’16 Paint 30 Days, Day 21 & 22, Car WIP

I didn’t paint yesterday, the 21st. I’m thinking it was partly because I found my composition sooo straightforward and boring. I normally spend a lot of time considering and laying groundwork, but in this case I had just pulled a photo out of the pile and started it. After reading around, trying to get enthused, all I managed to do for the day was walk up and strike a diagonal pencil line through the painting… hopefully to introduce a little energy into it.

By God’s grace I overcame inertia and worked on it today, the 22nd. I just kept thinking: “Try to resolve a few areas.” I like that word “resolve”–it has the ring of finishing in it, even if it is just small spots. I put in a couple of hours. A few spots are much better. I then made a long list of things to still work on. I find such lists are helpful to get me going the next day.

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