Sept’16 Paint 30 Days, Day 23, Honda

My ’95 Honda Civic, Sept 2016.

Well, painting a car is even less forgiving than doing a human portrait, if you ask me. Even the straight lines of architecture allow for some imaginative leeway. A car’s lines, however, are smooth and hard and precise. Too high or low or long or short and you don’t get your car, you get your neighbor’s.

I really ought to take two weeks and study just the painting of plants. These are rather terrible. Lots of stuff could be improved, but I have reached my “good enuf” quotient on this painting. He’s a bit misrepresented, actually… what you don’t see are the big hole in the driver’s sun visor… the splitting of the vinyl along the tops of the doors where the sun shines… the wonky drink holder… the back window we had to screw shut. Aw. I miss him. He only had 163,000 miles. I really do think there were plenty of miles left.

Oh, yeah. This will most likely be my last painting for the September 30-in-30. I finally remembered that we’re having house painters in for five days next week, and that won’t be conducive to getting much of anything done. They’re going to be in every room, and we’ll have to keep moving stuff around to give them room to work.

Please do come back and visit!

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