Sept’16 Paint 30 Days, Day 6

Not particularly angry 5-value sketch.
Not particularly angry 5-value sketch.

Not really feelin’ it last night, I had trouble finding something that moved me for today’s offering. Ran into this little guy, courtesy of the Reference Library on Wetcanvas. Thought I could squeeze out at least one more value study.

I suppose I should make “value studies” my theme for this month, but I don’t want to give myself reason to quit because I’m bored. What’s nice, though, is that five colors make them go pretty fast. And they are helping me to slow down and look (okay, mostly …).

This one turned a little bit fiddly; the eyes were small for the 5×7 size I was doing. Almost threw in the towel, figuring, “I painted today and that’s what counts…I don’t have to post it.” Pushed through, though. Serviceable. Looking, now, that back wing is at least a shade too dark.


    • Linda S. Worland says:

      Hi, Pattie, thank you for your comment. Gargoyles ARE a lot of fun! Who knew?! Ooo, maybe I should start a collection of them!

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