Sept’16 Paint 30 Days, Day 8

A useful 5-value sketch.
A useful 5-value sketch. 5×5

Here is the five-value sketch of Friend’s-Daughter. (The three-value is on 9/3.) It is a tiny bit closer to likeness, not that I was aiming very high :). … So, what have I learned?

That scarf is actually lighter than she is in the photo, but I don’t want all the attention to go there. She looks like a ghost in this sketch with the lightest value on her face, but I plan to make her skintone just a little lighter than the scarf, and bring the scarf down a little bit. I want her face to stand out from all the background noise. I feel a little better now, thinking I should be able to keep that giant flower IN the background as long as I do it dark enough and gray the bright color down. Wish me luck, as the flower is bright pink.

I hope I have patience enough to hang in there with that scarf. I have been flummoxed by folds in fabric in the past :P.


  1. Arena Shawn says:

    Really like how you treat this challenge as an opportunity to brush up on the value design aspect of painting! The light of the face does contrast nicely with dark background patterns and stand out, so you succeeded there! To further emphasize this is the center of interest, you can intentionally bring down the value of the scarf (overall) a big darker, and use softer edges to downplay its importance. In dealing with fabric it often helps to not actually labor in all the details (because that would make them catch too much attention of the viewer), but just selectively paint in one or two major folds. The rest you can let go and downplay the value contrast, soften the edges to make them not so eye-catching. Have fun!

    • Linda S. Worland says:

      Thank you, Arena, for your comment and helpful suggestions! Edges are another thing I should spend time thinking about. When I get started on that painting, I will have to remember to come back to read these notes :). I didn’t deliberately plan to make this challenge about “practice,” but I’m glad it has worked out that way. It is helping me remember what I supposedly know!

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