Sept’16 Paint 30 Days

3-value sketch.
3-color value sketch.

I didn’t get motivated until after lunch. It was a little hard to break the ice and start painting after all this time, but after opening up the palettes and doing a little housekeeping, I finally got going. The first half hour or so was pretty rocky.

For my first day, I decided to do two notan studies for a painting I promised to a friend last November or so (maybe earlier). She gave me a photo to work from for a portrait of her daughter. I haven’t done a painted notan before; usually just a pencil sketch. I wanted to see what there may be to learn with 2-, 3-, and 5-color value studies. The 2-color one is pretty hideous so I’m not posting it.

To keep the shapes interesting, I have done some joining of darks here that don’t exist in the photo. I am really interested to see if doing these notan studies will help keep my values on track when I do the actual painting.

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