September 2!

It’s that time again: another 30-in-30 with Leslie Saeta. The last one was in January, when I determined to do 6 portraits in 30 days.  A week or two in, the local pantry I volunteer at needed me to go in two days a week rather than one, helping them roll out a two-years-in-coming computer system. This took a lot of extra brain space, and I was put off of painting altogether. I only made it through 2.5 portraits.

THIS time–well, I finally finished some work and I’m getting started on Day 3. I haven’t painted in seven months, having just gotten that second day back in the past two weeks. I THINK I want to paint… but… I have a fear: Maybe I just like watching painting videos.

On the positive side, I do have all the “stuff” and a whole bunch of random ideas to work on, some to start, some to finish(?). The point, after all, is just to paint for 30 days straight. Finishing is optional.

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