Orcutt Ranch #4

Plein Air #22 / 6.21.17 / 10×8 acrylic
Orcutt Ranch #4, Chatsworth, CA
“Bridge, Palms, and Path”

Hey, two bridges in a row, this one deep in the shade. And not… the light kept coming and going. I could have picked the much simpler view behind me, but the shapes in this scene were much more interesting. I have learned that lots of lights and darks tend to confuse me, but this time I made an effort to pick out where I specifically wanted the lights. I decided up front that I didn’t care how flat it looked, as long as I didn’t let it get away from me.

It was a hot morning, so we didn’t stay as long, and I failed to get to the bottom third of the painting. Went home and worked on it rather blindly (my photos were horrible). I simplified the complicated stone wall area and tried to keep the same “scribbly” feel. Not sure the two portions match, but I still rather like it.

I really think I’m all over the board. Nothing looks or feels the same from week to week.

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