Aliso Canyon

Plein Air #13 / 4.19.17 / 10×8 acrylic
End of Sesnon, Porter Ranch, CA
“Top of Aliso Canyon”

It was a discouraging day. I saw nothing but green on this canvas while out this morning, and nothing but brown after I brought it home. I have trouble getting the masses together in a scene like this, when everything is a different color. And again I noticed that I can’t seem to mix a green to save my life. It was a very beautiful canyon in green and yellow and brown–and this isn’t.

I really should take a page from Carol’s book. She focused on one piece of a mountain about 90-degrees from this scene and had a beautiful result, one of my favorites of hers so far. (How dare you add to my discontent, Carol! )

Annoyed, I went straight back on Friday to try again. Except the windy conditions we had on Wednesday were now a gale. I could not have stood up there without blowing down. Took pictures. Will contemplate all in a few. I really must make a regular date here at home to paint.

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