Bell Canyon Park #2

Plein Air #24 / 7.5.17 / 8×10 acrylic
Bell Canyon Park #2, Woodland Hills, CA
“Every Which Way”

Carol and Jane are taking the month of July off, as they both have huge travel plans. My hubs volunteered to go out with me on this morning, and we headed back over to Bell Canyon Park (home of Castle Peak). While I was doing the block-in, hubs took an hour hike/walk before settling down next to me, waiting for me to finish.

I believe that the big tree on the left is the same tree as the one in the center of the first Bell Canyon painting I did.

I noticed again today that I cannot mix that shade of BRIGHT light gold, or get things that are in the sun as bright as they are in real life. Spent an hour and half there, then took it home to finish it.

Over the time I stood there, maybe a dozen hikers happened by, and every path was used.

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