Garden Still Life

From Life / 8/9,16,23/17 / 12×12 acrylic
Garden Still Life, Winnetka, CA
“Two Frogs”

For August, the plein air group thought we’d dodge some of the heat by meeting to paint on my patio. We set up and worked on a garden-themed still life over three weeks. Each person brought some garden items, making for maybe 18 objects on a table. I wish I could post everyone’s effort, because we all chose different things to include or leave out.

On the first day I started to do a horizontal 9×12 that had more objects in it, but by the end of Day 1 I thought it was way too literal and really pretty dull. I rethought it between week 1 and 2 and decided the story was about the frogs, so I started over and made a new block-in in a (12×12) square format. I edited out a bunch of stuff and changed the scale of some of the things a bit.

I like it a lot better, but still have qualms. The spacing doesn’t sit right with me, but that didn’t seem to bother Carol when I asked her. Carol brought the green wooden frog, and I contributed the orange ceramic one. It was my grandma’s, and she kept this one in a little garden wheelbarrow outside her bedroom window. I remember a lot of croaking at night in her little town, and seeing a lot of little flat frogs on the roads.

The pot in the back with the succulents was planted and given to me by my sister. In all I think I have about 7-8 hours in this, and that is a lot quicker than I might have done anything like it before.


  1. Teresa Catlett says:

    Hi, Linda

    I like the ” Two Frogs” The yellow frog looks like he’s thinking about bugs, it just
    makes me smile. The painting just pop’s with color, i really do like it!

    I do have soft spot for frogs.


    • Linda W says:

      Hi, Teresa! Thanks for coming by!

      My soft spot for frogs is purely because grandma liked ’em. I imagine that as a little girl they were her playthings, out there in the creeks of the woods…

      He DOES look like he’s thinking about bugs! 😀

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