In My Backyard

Plein Air #3 / 1.26.17 / 8×12 acrylic
Winnetka, CA
“In My Backyard”

Well, after two failed appointments for plein air this week, we called it off. Yesterday morning it was 40 degrees; this morning it was too windy. So, I stayed home and painted Ye Olde Backyard.

As I wrote to Carol: We’ve got a yard of nice green weeds courtesy of all the rain. I did spend more time on it than I would have in the field. I was trying to see if I could balance a right-heavy composition with a light patch on the left. Now that I see it smaller, it looks like things may be too bright on the right, so maybe it doesn’t. I have a lot to learn about plants!

After three whole plein air paintings so far, I am rather surprised that my color tends to be as bright as it is. In the long run, I’m hoping that plein air makes me more patient–to mix colors, especially.

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