Jane’s Backyard

Plein Air #20 / 5.31.17 / 8×10 acrylic
Jane’s Backyard, Northridge, CA
“Backyard Hollyhock”

This week we met in Jane’s backyard. All three of us were enamored with the lone hollyhock she had in a pot. There were definitely more pots than hollyhocks, but Jane painted a slew of potted hollyhocks in front of a fence. Carol painted the flowers only. I painted the pots.

I like this design and I hope to finish this one.

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  1. Teresa Catlett says:

    Hi, Linda

    Was wondering if you were still panting, i just ran across your panting journal, and
    i just love your panting! Backyard Hollyhock, and the pots really do set it off !.
    It would be a pretty paper pieced pattern.

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