Sandpoint, Idaho

My friend Jeanne and I went to Sandpoint, Idaho to visit with her new grandson. Sandpoint sits on Lake Pend¬†Oreille (“Lake Ponderay”) in the northern panhandle of Idaho, about 50 miles south of the border of Canada. Before this trip, I had only traveled through a tiny corner of Idaho when I was 14. The weather was perfect.

So where is either painting I started there? Well, tsk! I wiped one completely before I left the little beach because my composition was totally.not.working. The other got barely past the drawing stage because the light wasn’t cooperating. ¬†I could only catch the beautiful lilacs in the sun with a camera!

With nothing to show for the effort, I packed up and carried my paint gear back home.

On the other hand, I now know that my minimum paint setup will pass TSA inspection in my carry-on. (That is, after they swab both bags for explosives on the first leg through LAX.) I also took the lightweight easel in its carry bag, and no one questioned me about my “third carry-on item.”

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