Limekiln #2

Plein Air #10 / 3.29.17 / 8×10 acrylic
Limekiln Park #2, Porter Ranch, CA
“Angel’s Bike”

There are “exercise stations” near the entrance to this rustic park, and we set up next to the chinup bar. A man in his mid-30s hung around us and the bar for a good half hour, occasionally engaging me in conversation. I might say he was really distracting and blame him for the trouble I had organizing this one, but it wasn’t him. There were lots of light and dark spots, and I had problems bringing them together. Instead, I spent focus time putting in the bike that he had parked across the way, and I brought his attention to it. This was a minor thrill for him, and took a picture of it to show his wife. 🙂

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