Limekiln Park

Plein Air #4 / 2.1.17 / 8×10 acrylic
Limekiln Canyon Park, Porter Ranch, CA
“Overwhelmed Culvert”

We went to Limekiln Park, a wild area on the edge of the valley, only about six miles from here. We landed about a 1/4 mile from the entrance, and I chose this scene. All the rain we’ve had recently overwhelmed the culvert, filling it with sand, and the creek had rerouted itself around and over. The water across the trail was easy enough to step across, but the powers that be had taped off the area. A couple of men in a truck even came by twice in the two hours we were there, to get out and stare at the chunks of cement in the crick, I guess.

Only #4, but my fave so far! I can almost see it as a finished painting. I put in another half hour today trying to boost the contrast so that the creek stands out a little better. I wanted to put some light on the path leading up to the brighter streak of light there, but I would need to see the real thing to figure it out. (I forgot my camera.)

I am discovering that I like holes, paths, and man-made objects in my landscapes. I am learning how to take an overwhelming scene and trim it down to the shapes most interesting to me.

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