Orcutt Ranch #3

Plein Air #19 / 5.17.17 / 10×8 acrylic
Orcutt Ranch, Chatsworth, CA

This one is an Ugh. I was distracted and flighty before I even got there. I tried to rein myself in, but I couldn’t get with the program.

I do think I got reasonable perspective in the foreground; that’s something. I took it home, made a list of things I could address in 30-60 minutes, and dolled it up a bit. It is improved slightly over what I left the scene with, but it’s still a wiper for sure. I’ve stared at it awhile, and I’m just not sure what its biggest fault is. Overpainted? Ham-fisted? Juvenile? Composition? Whatever it is, it has the same problem as the one with the faculty buildings at Pierce.

Wait…I see something. The light looks fake. So there’s at least one issue… 🙂


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