Pierce College #2

Plein Air #7 / 3.8.17 / 8×10 acrylic
Pierce College “Faculty Bungalows”

Back to the Faculty Bungalows. I am strangely enamored of, and bugged by, this composition. Yes, I know that 90% of it is in the top half of the frame–I had a time working on the big stretch of dirt that is the bottom half. I bungled the tree shadow using the wrong color, and had problems bringing it back. The bits of grass in the left bottom corner (that were actually there) helped, though.

Maybe it’s the vacancy that is unsettling. Anyhoo, the curvy tree on the right is the same tree in the 2006 watercolor in the last post, except I was looking down the walkway to the right in that one. Hey, I just painted the intersection where I sat to paint the painting I painted 11 years ago! Hadn’t thought of it that way .

Unexpected Moment: T’was the so-called Day of the Woman (or Day Without a Woman, depending on who you talk to, I guess), and Carol was painting the scene 180 degrees behind, about 20 feet away. A man walked up to Carol and told her he appreciated her for being a woman. I didn’t get the same honor ;).

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