Pierce College #3

Plein Air #11 / 4.5.17 / 10×8 acrylic
Pierce College, Woodland Hills, CA
“Barn and Trees”

Just Carol and I that day, again at Pierce. It was a tough morning: Poor Carol’s easel broke the minute after we finally decided where to set up. She managed to balance it on a broken leg for about an hour before it gave out completely. She painted a tree, I did a slice of barn. There was a metal fence in the foreground that I might have gotten in with a little more time; I think this composition could have used it.

I like using the big square brush. Yet AGAIN I observe that I really do need to get down to do studies of trees and bushes. I continue to just fake it, and I know I would like my work better if I had strategies for painting them. At least, I should figure out which brushes make the marks I’m looking for!

I’ve noticed that, unlike Carol, who can focus on a single tree, I feel deprived if I can’t get more of a “big picture.” I like to be able to tell where I’ve been.

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