Porter Ridge Park

What I brought home

I looked at my pictures after I got home and saw much pinker hills in my photos than I remember in person. The pinker/bluer hills definitely sit back a whole lot better than the yellow ones I left with. I also had the darks too dark back there. If only I’d remember these little lessons right when they’re needed!

Plein Air #32 / 11.01.17 / 10×8 acrylic
Porter Ridge Park, CA
“Up Against It”

When I’m painting at home, I’ve discovered I seem to get out of my head a bit better when listening to a book on my old ‘n’ trusty, dirty and dusty, little MP3 player. I call her “Poopsie,” but I can’t tell you when or why she got that name. She’s probably near 10 years old now and has traveled 100s of miles with me on exercise walks.

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