Rocky Peak Picnic Area

Plein Air #15 / 5.3.17 / 10×8 acrylic
Grounds of Rocky Peak Church, Chatsworth, CA
“Rocky Mountainside”

Today we had five people meet for plein air–one working in oils, two of us in acrylics, and two in watercolor. We spent a bee-yootiful morning under an old, spreading oak tree. We liked it so much we’re going back there next Wednesday, and I already have my next scene picked out.

For this scene, I actually narrowed my focus a little bit! (I almost did the whole mountain!).

On the way home, I was thinking I really should force myself out at least one more time a week if I really want to progress. I need to focus, I need to consider, I need to make myself a checklist–rather than work as higgly-piggly as I do. I rather WISH I was that person who could just “throw it on there,” but I’m not there yet.

After 15 plein air outings, I do think that I am working a little faster.

I heard Carol advising someone: squint, compare values. She is a natural teacher.

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