Sad Story: The Decision

So, hubby and I looked at my poor broken easel, and he thinks we can fix it using a couple of small L brackets. It means having to break off the opposite piece and hopefully NOT the remaining adjoining piece holding the two front legs together. Hopefully we’ll try this weekend.

In the meantime, I’ve gone ahead and purchased a new plein air setup. Fortunately, I remembered that my mom gave me my Dad’s old tripod round ’bout 2009, and it has been sitting in the closet ever since. He bought it, I’m guessing, circa 1977, and a sticker on the original box says it cost $49.99 back then–not cheap for the time*. It may be heavier than I’d buy today, but it’s super stable and I don’t have to spend $160. Thanks, Dad.

So, tripod: Check. Then I settled on a Sienna pochade box for $125. It’s not very big, ~15″x11″x3″, and about 4.5 lbs without the glass palette inside. My favorite part is having that nice working space in front of me. I will now get down to creating the best! bag! ever! to carry all my plein air junk. One always-packed bag, ready to grab and go.

*Per $50 in 1977 equals $203.20 in 2016.

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