Tampa & Braemore #2

Plein Air #30 / 9.27.17 / 8×10 acrylic
Tampa & Braemore #2, CA
“All Just Screamin’ Green”

This one, in retrospect, made me remember yet again that…duh…there are strong value differences between sun and shadow. Which I don’t seem to remember to think about in the field.

What the heck AM I thinking about? Hmmm. Shapes. Drawing. Very basic value differences (light/dark). When I finally get past blocking in, I go for “ballpark” local color.

What I come home with is basically an idea of what I’ve seen, never anywhere near finished. There are plein air artists who can finish in two hours or less. Ah, maybe someday.

I am planning to post both before and after pics from now on. At some point I will come back to this one, experiment with it, see if I can reenvision and make sense of more of it using the photos I got that day, and then post it here.

On this day it was windy, and at one point my setup blew down while I was over talking with Carol. Wind=evil!

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