Tampa & Braemore

Plein Air #9 / 3.15.17 / 8×10 acrylic
Tampa & Braemore, Porter Ranch, CA
“Sycamores (So They Tell Me)”

This one started out well, working from the top. I liked this sky! …but when I was done I wasn’t very happy with the main tree. Took it home and looked at my photos, and finally noticed I had the trunk bent the wrong way, for one, so rejiggered it in the opposite direction, and removed several branches. The shape was better, but I managed to kill off a lot of the nice light I had on it. Fail.

We were standing under the trees right by the side of the street, and we were a bit of spectacle. People slowed down, and a couple stopped. We drew the attention of at least one painting lady who thinks she might join us in a few weeks, and also a man who lived in sight of our location for the past 30 years.

Unexpected moment: I had a visit with a little lizard hiding in a much bigger hole I know he didn’t make. I don’t want to consider what did make those holes, especially when I’m practically standing in them.

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