Van Gogh Park #2

Plein Air #21 / 6.7.17 / 10×8 acrylic
Van Gogh Park #2, Granada Hills, CA
“Bridge and Eucalyptus”

So, we went back at the little park where plein air started for me five months ago in January. In general, I think I’ve improved over the past 20 plein air outings… with caveats, of course. Other than the hollyhock, I have been discontented with my output for the past month or so, leading to a few doubts, here and there, about carrying on. Trying to ignore them. They say it’s darkest before the dawn…hoping there’s a breakthrough coming!

(Have you heard? Artists are never happy!)

I wasn’t at all thrilled with this one when I left the park, but I took it home and put a lot more darks into it, making it look a lot better. If I had done my mini notan when I sketched it out, I may not have forgotten where the darks should go .


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