Bell Canyon Park #3, with Valerie

Plein Air #42.06 / 02.15.18 / 10×8 acrylic
Bell Canyon Park, CA
“A Shot at the Rocks”

I finally wrangled my artist friend Valerie outside to meet for plein air. Quite a feat, because she has to be the busiest person I know. I used to set type for her, beginning  about 1983!

(How is it possible we’ve gotten so old, Val?)

We painted in full sun, so when I got home it was a lot darker than it had looked while working. The sun blasts your retinas out and the paint you mix is darker than you think. This means I should go back in and “add sunlight” to those mountains because there should be a higher, brighter value going on up there. (Not sure I will, I kind of like it the way it is now. Haven’t messed with it yet.)

Valerie started a larger canvas and only managed a block-in before the wind dried up our paint and we were scraping around our palettes. Still, we had a good time and, after a respectable length of time out, we packed it in and went to lunch at Stonefire Grill for a yummy barbecue chicken salad.

Thanks for lunch and for joining me, Val!

(Sorry I can’t seem to get these pictures to play nice and line up next to each other…   )

Linda, 02.15.18
Bell Canyon Park, CA
Valerie, 02.15.18
Bell Canyon Park, CA

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