Cody / 5×7 acrylic
Cameron / 5×7 acrylic











Cody at 20, and Cameron at 18, my sister’s kids. I shot the photos in 2012 at my daughter’s wedding. I painted Cameron as a 30-in-30 exercise in Jan’16. My sister saw it and I wanted to give it to her, but I didn’t want to give her only one son.

I started Cody a year later in Jan’17 and finished him Jan’18, plinking away at him here and there. I found it tough to want to work on him–I was a bit afraid that the two paintings would fail to “hang together” since I was supposedly an older and wiser painter. I did get a better likeness and some softer edges on Cody than I did on Cameron, but I’m probably the only person who can tell a difference.

These days, Cameron is 23 and has filled out. With a similar beard, he looks A LOT more like his brother. I saw a more recent picture and they almost look like twins.

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