Chatsworth Park

Plein Air #38.02 / 01.17.18 / 8×10 acrylic
Chatsworth Park, CA
“Dry Wash”

Feeling negative about painting. Didn’t want to paint today.

I can’t tell if it is the old I-don’t-like-painting-as-much-as-I-think-I-do OR I-have-too-much-on-my-plate-to-relax. Probably the second thing. I have a website update to do in the next two weeks, a pattern to design and sew, and a pantry booklet to revise (again).

Think I’ll wait until those are done to think seriously about g-o-a-l-s.

Oh, yeah. So, this is a dry, river-rock-filled wash. I had/have no idea how to paint river rocks en masse at this distance. At least two of the others were painting the huge tree to the left that was casting the shadow.

This was a much nicer view than I have it; I brought it home as you see it. Not sure if I’ll get back to it to do it justice.

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