Dogs, in Jane’s Garage

Plein Air #40.04 / 02.07.18 / 8×8 acrylic
Jane’s Garage #2, Porter Ranch, CA

Took January 31st off from painting—I had the end of the website update, two shifts at the pantry, and a long weekend at mom’s that week. Painting was not on my radar.

We met at Jane’s February 7 and 14 because it was windy one week and drizzly the next. This time I went prepared with references. For the first week, I came back around to Phyllis’ son’s dog, Djecko, the one I wanted to paint back on January 10 in her backyard. I had a photo of him staked out on the chaise lounge.

I got most of it on there and finished it at home. I don’t have the finished one to post yet. I am giving it to Phyllis to give to her son.

Plein Air #41.05 / 02.14.18 / 5×5 acrylic
Jane’s Garage #3, Porter Ranch, CA

The second week I did my daughter’s dog, Ranger. Her dog is really a light medium gray and not this dark, but I didn’t really care or worry about perfection of color. I was more concerned about working quickly. I still have to do my touch-ups on Ranger.

These both felt easier than doing landscape. Then again, I think even portraits are beginning to feel easier than landscape.

My New Year’s goal seems to be “think less, move faster.”

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