Orcutt Ranch #5

Plein Air #39.03 / 01.24.18 / 8×8 acrylic
Orcutt Ranch, Chatsworth, CA
“Painting the Women’s Room”

There’s a ladies restroom in this building, off canvas and up the stairs to the right. Phyllis walked by on her way over and asked, “Painting the women’s bathroom?”, so the title is on her. I thought I was painting the urn and tree.

I was able to get into this one fairly quickly. On the last two paintings I have tried using “sight size” to get started. That means I hold the canvas up at eye level and to one side of what I am aiming at. With a pencil, I roughly indicate the horizontals of the scene–in this one, the top roof line, the tile roof line, the brick line, etc. It takes 30 seconds and helps get the proportion of the scene in place. It all gets adjusted from there, but it has helped me speed up…at least so far.

I decided to lay in the big patches of color first and then go back and modify each patch…quickly, now, without thinking a lot. It still needs areas of bright sunlight and some bright color, and thicker paint, but I am not unhappy with it. Another one to play with on another day.

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