Peter Strauss Ranch

Plein Air #43.07 / 02.25.18 / 10×8 acrylic
Peter Strauss Ranch, CA
“Afternoon at the Ranch”

Hubs and I went for a short Sunday drive yesterday, just to get out, and I took along my painting rig. I only knew about this spot because a good six-plus years ago it was the first place I met with the Thousand Oaks plein air group. (I washed out with them after about five outings).

This is pretty much the same scene that I did that time. The darkness of the trees against the mountain call me. Anyone who has been to Peter Strauss Ranch knows this tree.

(So now I wonder…where IS that way-too-big, did-not-get-past-the-block-in, I-must-have-been-crazy, plein air that I did then? I don’t throw anything away. At least, not in the first year… Hmm… )

Probably my second plein air attempt
c. 2012 (?) / 16″x20″ (!) / acrylic
Peter Strauss Ranch, CA

Found it. 16″x20″, I was a plein air noobie with no guidance, and had no clue that that was way too big. This scene is a slightly different angle, with the tree I did yesterday to the right. I don’t throw things away because the historian in me likes to keep me honest!

So, anyway, back to yesterday. As usual, when the light is all over, I rather wish I had a organizational scheme that could help me. Or, I come away thinking that I really ought to pair down my landscapes to one bush or tree and then work back up to large scenes like this. Another think is that I ought to be doing much more comparing of values. Still, after a day’s review, I’m okay with it.

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