A Year Later

As you can see, I have been absent from the site for almost exactly a year. I thought to check in, but I’ve been too distracted! So.Much.Going.On!

I painted through 2018, but probably about half as much as in 2017. I had tons of interruptions for one reason or another. I didn’t even take pictures or keep track like I did in 2017–I don’t see one picture from 2018 in my plein air folder. I should dig out what I did because now I AM wondering: What DID I do?

[ETA: I figured it out– I did start a folder for 2018, which has the first four or five months in it. I also took a watercolor class at the end of the year and have been playing with that.]

Dauntingly, this whole site needs to be moved to another host this coming November. There doesn’t seem to be a fast and easy way to move from WordPress to a different blog platform. Not sure how I’ll deal.

As for dear old Peter Strauss Ranch (last entry for 2018), much of it burned up in the most recent October/November 2018 fires. “My” tree is still there, but the companion trees are sooted up at least 4 feet, and the hillsides behind are black and bare. My husband and I just happened to go hiking there a week and a half before the fires, so, besides my two paintings, I have that.

End Check-in. I’ll be back.

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