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30-in-30, Day 30 plus 2… 99.9%

Rose in Israel
Rose in Israel

Well, I’m calling it—the September Challenge to paint every day was a success. I painted around 23 out of 30 days, and that’s good enough for me. The best part is that I’ve “finished” a painting that did not exist before Sept. 1.

The painting is a little warmer than this photo, especially in the stones. Maybe I’ll try correcting it again tomorrow, in the daytime!

I will put this painting away for a couple of weeks, hidden from view. The idea is that I will forget our travails together and, the next time I see it, my eye should go right to what it needs. I’ll do a little tweaking, probably, and then I’ll initial it. Three days later I’ll seal it, and email Rose to ask her for her address. ūüôā

I have sorted through a big box¬†of painting notes, bits and pieces, and actual starts. After I get some business¬†work done, I’ll decide what to do next.


30-in-30, Day 24… Still Stuck

9/18. I sat down to figure out just what the heck was wrong with the leaves. It was a case of “you sees what you want to see.” I saw green. Green is bright. Put bright color on darker background so we can see green better.

Uhhhh. No.

I am noticing lately things about bright sunlight. Those near-white highlights show up because the dark colors next to them are darker than 50%. It finally dawned that the leaves are a lot darker then I painted them. The hill in the back is lighter.

It’s all about (eventual) observation.

9/24. It is six days later and I’ve painted all but one of those days, so I’m on track¬†for the challenge (some a¬†little, some a lot). Those leaves are STILL whipping my butt. I’m on about the 8th iteration. I cannot get them to my satisfaction. When I don’t know what to do, I throw all the colors at it, and this makes it worse. I’ve looked hard at the photo and there are three basic colors, so what is my problem???

I’d hate for this reasonable likeness to go to waste because I can’t paint grape vines.


30-in-30, Day 17… Enough Already

There are days when one paints, but nothing is accomplished. You put it on, consider it, wipe it off. It’s like I see what has to be done, but I can’t get there. The¬†chaotic mass of leaves is laughing at me. From past experience I know what will happen: I will finally reach the level of¬†annoyance¬†where I¬†start slapping on paint—without the thinking. Things will magically improve.

I¬†am tired of my own whining. I’ll post again when I’m doooooooooooone! Hopefully with a day or two left in September so I can start something else. ūüôā

30-in-30, Day 16… Daylight

Tons still to do (and why I can't fathom painting one painting a day).
Tons still to do (and why I can’t fathom painting one painting a day).

For four days I wasn’t home during key parts of the day. I don’t like to paint at night, my lighting isn’t ideal. In¬†the morning I¬†find the colors don’t fit.

Today I worked a little on her body, the poles, and the greenery.¬†Have I mentioned I hate leaves? I am afraid of landscape in general because of The Green. The vines on the left are closer to acceptable, the ones on the right are a moosh. Just need to land on something quasi-believable. After I figure out what the heck I’m doing, I’ll move on to¬†the light on her arms, hands, shirt, books, hat, bag,¬†sunglasses (what sunglasses, you ask?),¬†fence¬†and¬†ground in back.

Her pants are ok, portrait ok, hills ok, and maybe the wall is ok. So I can settle eventually.