From Sept’16 30-in-30

Sept’16 Paint 30 Days, Day 23, Honda

My ’95 Honda Civic, Sept 2016.

Well, painting a car is even less forgiving than doing a human portrait, if you ask me. Even the straight lines of architecture allow for some imaginative leeway. A car’s lines, however, are smooth and hard and precise. Too high or low or long or short and you don’t get your car, you get your neighbor’s.

I really ought to take two weeks and study just the painting of plants. These are rather terrible. Lots of stuff could be improved, but I have reached my “good enuf” quotient on this painting. He’s a bit misrepresented, actually… what you don’t see are the big hole in the driver’s sun visor… the splitting of the vinyl along the tops of the doors where the sun shines… the wonky drink holder… the back window we had to screw shut. Aw. I miss him. He only had 163,000 miles. I really do think there were plenty of miles left.

Oh, yeah. This will most likely be my last painting for the September 30-in-30. I finally remembered that we’re having house painters in for five days next week, and that won’t be conducive to getting much of anything done. They’re going to be in every room, and we’ll have to keep moving stuff around to give them room to work.

Please do come back and visit!

Sept’16 Paint 30 Days, Day 21 & 22, Car WIP

I didn’t paint yesterday, the 21st. I’m thinking it was partly because I found my composition sooo straightforward and boring. I normally spend a lot of time considering and laying groundwork, but in this case I had just pulled a photo out of the pile and started it. After reading around, trying to get enthused, all I managed to do for the day was walk up and strike a diagonal pencil line through the painting… hopefully to introduce a little energy into it.

By God’s grace I overcame inertia and worked on it today, the 22nd. I just kept thinking: “Try to resolve a few areas.” I like that word “resolve”–it has the ring of finishing in it, even if it is just small spots. I put in a couple of hours. A few spots are much better. I then made a long list of things to still work on. I find such lists are helpful to get me going the next day.

Sept’16 Paint 30 Days, Day 19, Car WIP

Honda Drawing day 2. Work in progress.

(See Day 16 for my sad story. Sniff.)

Today saw the third round of (re-)working the drawing of the Honda. I brought up the back bumper, the headlight, the side molding, and spread the wheels apart a little. I still wonder at the hood–it looks like it dips too much–but it’s closer. I’m plenty done with the drawing phase.

Now I have to actually paint the darn thing, but I’m more worried about the ocean of driveway leading up to it. I just don’t know if I can suggest red pavers, and make it interesting, and keep it subservient. Hope I have enough time tomorrow.